BallyHoo - Balloon printing
Artwork requirements

  Clear sharp BLOCK logos will be included at no extra charge.
  Unless otherwise requested balloons are printed neck down for helium filling.
  Photos printed in half tone can be included. Add £10 origination charge.
  Shaded logos will have to be converted into half tone and may incur a charge if complex.
  Artwork size: to fit into a circle about 5" in diameter.
  To avoid an artwork charge, your artwork should be e-mailed as a PC format black on
  white 300 dpi .tif file at size or .pdf. If the artwork is only available as hard copy,
  the quality of the print will only be as good as the quality of the original
  If you only have the artwork as a WORD doc, please also provide a hard copy so we can check that the fonts haven't changed in transmission.
  Due to process limitations registration of two colours on one side of a balloon averages +/- 2mm.
  Whilst we try and match your colour as closely as possible, ink colours are affected by the colour of our balloons
  and change as the balloon expands.
  Remember our prices include screens!
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