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Q I only want a few balloons printing for my wedding/party/charity event/open day/etc, but this all looks so complicated! Help!
A Please dont be put off by the number of FAQs. These FAQs are designed to answer every possible question, and many will not be relevant to you. Just look at those answers that you want to know about. Or phone us on 01484 666699 and ask us direct.
Q Why is your minimum order 100?
A If you are wanting printed balloons as part of balloon decor that we are providing, don't worry about the minimum order. We will print however many are necessary for just £30 (which includes VAT) as a service to our decor customers.

If you are not having balloon decor from us, you are welcome to order less than 100 balloons, but it will cost the same as 100 as that is our minimum. We can make up the 100 with unprinted balloons. For example, so if you want only 50 printed balloons we can give you 50 unprinted as well.

Whatever the size of the print run itself, each job takes the same amount of time in screen preparation, setting up the printing machine and cleaning it down afterwards. These processes form the bulk of the cost of the minimum order. The machine time and the cost of the balloons on small orders are insignificant.
Q Why cant I open an account with you?
A We prefer to keep our costs low so that we can offer good prices to our customers. We avoid credit control costs by having payment with order. We are happy to accept payment by credit card which enables you to manage your own cashflow.
Q Why dont you print a colour swatch for the balloons?
A We cannot guarantee that balloons will match a swatch as the manufacturers change their colour ranges from time to time.
Q Can you explain what you mean by neck up and neck down?
A We can print the design on the balloons either way up, depending on how you are going to use them. The balloon needs to be printed so that the design is not upsidedown especially if it incorporates words. Neck down is standard as most people fill them with helium or use them with balloon sticks. If you want them the other way up, you must let us know as we print neck down unless were told otherwise.
Q Can I collect the balloons from you?
A Yes - and you will save on the delivery charge!
Q Can you guarantee delivery by a certain date?
A We will do all in our power to get balloons to you by a certain date but we do not give an unconditional guarantee because of factors beyond our control. Goods are sent by Royal Mail or courier and they schedule delivery for the next weekday. It is very rare that they do not fulfil this obligation but very occasionally a problem occurs. It is always best to have as much notice as possible so that we are not having to send our the balloons at the last minute, giving time to sort out any hitches. There is also an option of paying extra for delivery by 9.00 am or on a Saturday.
Q I would like my balloons in bags of a hundred. Can you do that?
A We can bag in whatever quantities you want (see price section). They will be simple clear anonymous plastic bags with no headers. We always pop a slip in each bag with the statutory Safety Warning on.
Q What are the pros and cons of using balloons sticks?
A Pros:
The balloons dont need to be knotted. Knotting balloons takes time and some people find it difficult.
You dont use helium, so you dont have the bother and expense of hiring cylinders.
The balloon lasts for days, even weeks, because it is air filled.
The balloon will not float away if people let go of the ribbon.

The cost but you are saving on helium.
The effect is not the same as having floating balloons.
Q What are the pros and cons of using balloon valves?
A Pros:
The balloons dont need to be knotted. Knotting balloons takes time and some people find it difficult.
The ribbon is already attached.
You can top-up the balloons.
Its quick and easy for inexperienced people to blow up the balloons.
Note that all our valves come with white ribbons.

The cost (see price section) If you decide to fit the valves yourselves, it is a very fiddly job.
The weight of the valve means shorter float time.

Please remember to add VAT and carriage to all the prices quoted in this section.

Q Why do you quote prices without VAT?
A Most of our customers are VAT registered businesses who are interested in the net cost. We have to charge VAT, even for charities, so please add 20% to the prices.
Q Do your prices include helium?
A No. If you are wanting your printed balloons filled with helium, this is extra. Details of the various options are in our Balloon Decor brochure price list.
Q Why is there an additional charge if you want printed balloons in less than 7 working days?
A We tend to think of it the other way round. The real charge is £143.20 + vat for 1,000 printed balloons but you get a discount for giving us notice. When we didnt have the surcharge, everyone ordered at the very last minute. Now that some people give us more notice, its easier to schedule the bulk of the printing, and to fit the short orders in and amongst the other jobs.
Q Is possible to have a quantity not mentioned in your price chart, such as 750?
A Yes. The price calculation is not as straightforward as halfway between the adjacent prices, so just call us for the price.
Q I would like pearlised balloons but they seem really expensive!
A We quote for Qualatex balloons as pearlised balloons are most often required for balloon decor. Professional balloon decorators often insist on Qualatex because they come in a wide range of colours, there are matching items available and the balloons are of high quality and consistency. But that quality comes at a price!

We do have another range of pearlised balloons available if you are not requiring them for balloon decor. The range of colours is limited. Obviously, they are more expensive than the standard finish balloons but they work out cheaper than Qualatex.
Q I cant see a screen charge on your price list?
A The cost of the screen is included in the list price. Please remember that if you are comparing prices as some companies dont it make clear that they charge extra.
Q What would you charge for fitting the balloons with valves?
A Valves cost £60 for 1,000 if you fit them yourselves, £150 for 1,000 if we fit them for you.
Q What would you charge for bagging balloons in smaller quantities?
A We bag in 500s at no extra cost. We can bag in whatever quantities you want at only 15p per bag. For example, it will cost £1.50 to have 1,000 balloons bagged in 100s or £3.00 to have them bagged in 50s.

They will be simple clear anonymous plastic bags with no headers. We always pop a slip in each bag with the statutory Safety Warning on.


Q You say that the print area is a 5" circle, so why does the print look bigger than 5" across?
A Imagine a partly blown up balloon pushed against a flat screen. The area touching a screen will be circular in shape, giving us the 5 diameter printing area. The print will look bigger when the balloon is fully blown up.
Q A balloon is round. How can it have 2 sides?
A By 2 sides, we mean that we print a design/s twice at 180 degrees on the balloon as if it had a front and back.
Q Can you print a photo on a balloon?
A If you have a clear sharp photo we can convert it to half tone and print it in one colour. There is a £10 origination charge for this.
Q Can you explain when you would charge for artwork?
A Nowadays we don't often have to charge for artwork as most people can provide decent artwork by e-mail or on disk.

To avoid an artwork charge:
Supply artwork as black on white 300 dpi TIF or PDF (please attach fonts)
Ensure design will fit in a 5" circle
Ensure design is in solid colours (not shaded)
Check that the design is in only one or two colours (note that a black outline is actually another colour!)
Remember that registration can be +/- 2mm so the design must still work if abutting colours move a little

Charges sometimes have to be made:
For converting artwork to half-tones (shading)
When artwork is not supplied in PC format
When artwork is supplied as a WORD document
For simplifying complex designs

The charges are usually minimal, depending on the amount of work involved. We can work with most PC formats, but please avoid sending artwork as a WORD doc as it is completely unsuitable.
Q Is it possible to have balloons printed in 3, 4 or 5 colours?
A We only print in one or two colours on site but we can arrange for more complex printing to be done if you are wanting large quantities.
Q Is it possible to have balloons printed all over?
A We can only print on one or two sides on site but we can arrange for more complex printing to be done if you are wanting large quantities.
Q Can you pantone match the ink colour?
A If you give us the pantone for an uncoated swatch we will match it as far as possible but please remember the same ink colour will look different on different colours of balloons. The colour will also appear to change as the balloon is blown up.
Q Can you pantone match the balloon colour?
A Special balloon colours are only viable for very large numbers of balloons as it is part of the manufacturing process. Most customers are satisfied with one of the standard balloon colours.
Q Can I have a proof of the artwork?
A Just ask, and we will e-mail a proof as a PDF. Note that the proof will be black whatever colour of ink is going to be used in the printing. If time is short, you will need to respond quickly to give us time to make up the screen.

1. Latex is a natural product (tree sap) and does not harm the environment. It is harvested without harming the tree.

2. Latex from balloons that fall to the ground will rot away (photo-degrade) naturally.

3. From time to time there are articles in the papers about animals that appear to have eaten pieces of balloons. There is     no evidence that this has harmed any animal.

4. Helium is a harmless inert gas and does not affect the ozone layer.

5. If the balloons are to be used for a balloon race, we recommend that uncoated cardboard is used for the tags so that     they will bio-degrade.

If at all in doubt, please just phone on 01484 666699 and all will be made clearer.

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